...our little guide to buying real estate on Fuerteventura

Different motives are in the center of a purchase decision, whether it is about the future, new residence, the vacation property or financial investment, we are gladly your partner > and this in the meantime for over 15 years. Our company guidelines include satisfied customers as our top priority. An important point we see among other things in a well-organized purchase processing, from A - Z. You will find more details in the following text.

After your purchase decision the following points are pending:

1.application for the N.I.E - number

Every foreigner who wants to buy a property in Spain should plan early to apply for a N.I.E number (número de identificación de extranjeros). Without it, you will not be able to register your property in the property register. The N.I.E. number is required not only for the notary appointment, but also, among other things, for the conclusion of an insurance policy or the registration of a motor vehicle. You can apply for the N.I.E. number on Fuerte, gladly with our support, at the foreigners department of the Policia Nacional. Some regulations have to be regulations must be observed, which is why we have been cooperating with a local Gestoria for years. Nothing stands in the way of an application at the Spanish embassy or consulates in the home country. Recent experience has shown that here, too, the processing time has been reduced to only about 4 weeks.

  1. opening a bank account at a Spanish bank

Years ago there was, without alternative, only the way of a Spanish account:

-To pay the remaining purchase price by means of a bank-confirmed check at the notary's office

-Registration of current expenses such as water, electricity, etc. to this account

-Beginning with request of a mortgage, pure bank account with or without online banking, credit card etc.

The local Spanish banks offer extensive services that meet European standards. For those who prefer to make their plans without a Spanish account, there is of course a working alternative since one or two years thanks to SEPA. Down payment, as well as balance payment with purchase of the real estate with transfer data IBAN + BIC make possible with presentation notary, the proof of the made payments for the acquisition of the real estate. Debit of current costs such as water, electricity, property tax, etc. are also possible from the account of your home country.

  1. legally binding promise of purchase / down payment

In Spain, the seller and the buyer are bound by a private notarization with a private written contract of sale. This private written This private written contract of sale contains (to underline the will to bind) a down payment of the buyer in dependence of the price of the real estate of approx. 5.000, - €, incoming with the salesman, directly after mutual signing. Of course, the down payment is part of the purchase price! Afterwards, as a rule, within a period of two to three weeks, a further down payment (whereby in addition 10% of the purchase price) is usual. The notarial certification takes place, after mutual agreement, usually within three months after signing of the contract. The private written contract of sale regulates all the terms of the contract, up to the to the well as the consequences in case of non-fulfillment.

  1. additional costs when buying a used property

With the purchase of a real estate on Fuerteventura naturally also additional costs develop. In the appendix an example of a real estate with a value of 150.000,- €. Below the line you can assume about 9% additional costs.

Additional costs for purchase > Used real estate              

Purchase price of the real estate                          150.000 €

Transfer tax ( ITP )                           6,50%              9.750 €

Handling of the purchase approx.                            1.200 €

Notary fee circa                                                           900 €

Registry costs circa                                                     600 €

Total additional costs                        8,30%            12.450 €

Total purchase price                                             162.450 €

  1. taxes, electricity, water, telephone, community of owners...

Our purchase procedure: As one customer called it "Wunschllos-Glücklich package".

Since we do not presume to be perfect in all things, we prefer the close cooperation

close cooperation of an external gestoria.

We make sure that all necessary documents are available for the notary appointment, your desired property is checked by us and free of encumbrances until the notary appointment. We accompany you to the notary appointment and are available (Spanish, English, German) for any questions.

Now begins another advantage for you: At the notary a translation of the contract takes place, which is also documented in the purchase deed by signing. Afterwards our external professional works on his special field: starting with the collection of the deed, payment of the taxes (with your agreement), necessary re-registrations with all official procedures ..., so that you can enjoy your property from the first day on.

We are already looking forward to your visit in our office in Costa Calma.

Fuerteventura Casas, CC El Palmeral, Local 49, 35627 Costa Calma,, 0034 630 700 709, 669 888 292

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